Who are we?

The Headmistress: That’s me! I am a new-to-homeschooling mother of two who never plans to move away from this corner of the country, where I’m just an hour’s drive away from the ocean, the mountains and a big city. Cooking, photography, scrapbooking and writing are all activities that I enjoy and would like to pursue when I no longer have to worry about the kids coloring on the walls or accidentally downloading viruses onto my computer.

Kiki: My almost 10-year-old daughter who is the focus of our homeschool experiment. Her latest interests are singing, reading graphic novels, getting dizzy and building fancy yet functional apartments on Minecraft. No description of her is complete without mentioning her lifelong affection for kitties – real and imagined. She hates her real name (hopefully this is a temporary thing), and Kiki is a short version of the nickname she has chosen for herself.

The Boo: My 3-year-old son, whom I also often refer to as my ball and chain. He refuses to let anyone cut or shave his hair. He enjoys organizing tools (his and his dad’s), playing on the computer (another Minecraft addict) and reading about ocean animals.

The Headmaster: Dear Hubby, my Mr. Darcy and knight in shiny armor, partner in crime and geek extraordinaire (he never met a gadget he didn’t like). His goal is to help his children appreciate Star Wars, comic books, RPGs and all his Firefly references.

The blog name

In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and just warfare – the embodiment of brains over beauty (or the beauty of brains?). She represents the ideas we want to pass on to our children: Think before you act – or before you open your mouth. If you’re going to fight, there had better be a good reason for it. Feel free to make mistakes – as long as you use them to make yourself better.

To veteran homeschoolers, the name may seem to imply that we are following the classical method of study, but we haven’t really settled on that yet. Right now, we are falling more into the “eclectic” category. I’m also leaning toward less structure – at least at first – to contrast our new experience as much as possible.

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