Ready or not

If we have to declare an official first day of school, it would be tomorrow.

Am I ready? I don’t know. I have a fairly detailed set of plans for this week, as well as rough sketches of what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks. Our former scrapbooking/exercise/office/junk room is now mostly converted into a functioning study and teaching room – one that happens to have an exercise bike in tucked in one corner. That might be good for those fidgety times – when she needs a little extra sensory input. We even set up our electronic keyboard for music lessons.

Kiki is ready. Just before going to bed, she asked, “So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?” I gave her a quick rundown. Then she asked if we could go play with other homeschoolers … tomorrow. Well, that wasn’t exactly in our plans. You see, The Boo starts preschool tomorrow afternoon, and he’s going to be riding a school bus for the first time, so we need to be home to put him on the bus and take him off when he comes back. Preschool is only a couple of hours, so that doesn’t give us much time to go out in between.

I actually think that The Boo is what will make this year most tricky. We have to work around his school schedule (with some help from his dad and grandmother, we can still go to activities), and when he’s home in the morning, we have to include him in our school – either that or distract him. This is where most of our flexibility will need to happen.

I wonder if Kiki is already feeling lonely and left out, now that her friends have all gone back to school. Also, we were isolated for much of the week because of illness. Well, we won’t be by ourselves for long. This week’s schedule does include a homeschool book club meeting, as well as a homeschool gathering at a park. And then we have a family wedding reception and a theater/fondue date with friends over the weekend. With all these activities and both kids’ birthdays, our September calendar is just as packed as any other year.

Let the adventure begin!


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